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Sick of Flimsy, Boring Boxes? Turn Ho-Hum Packaging Into The Secret Weapon That Builds Brand Buzz, Drives Sales, And Makes Unboxing An Event — All Proudly Made in the USA.

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Are Your Custom Boxes Whispering When They Should Be Shouting?

Your product is amazing, but why should your packaging whisper? oCustomBoxes creates custom boxes that shout, no matter your industry. Let your packaging be an extension of your masterpiece. Don't see your industry? Reach out, and we'll create magic for your product.

Create Magic With Our Custom Shipping Boxes

We know those wild packaging dreams in your head might feel a little out of reach. But guess what? We're here to make them a reality. Imagine a world where your packaging isn't just a boring custom box, but a storyteller, a brand ambassador that speaks volumes before the product inside has even been revealed. That's the world we invite you to step into.

Create premium custom boxes tailored exactly to your needs, from the overall design down to the smallest details. Choose the shape, color, artwork, texture, and size that best fit your vision. Starting with as few as 100 boxes, we provide low minimums so you have a chance to check how we work & the quality we provide. We'll ship your flat-packed custom boxes quickly, ensuring they arrive at your doorstep in 8-10 business days—or even faster with our expedited shipping option.

It's time to give your product packaging the grand entrance it deserves. Your custom packaging boxes should dazzle, delight, and differentiate. From the first sketch to the final product, we're with you, ready to turn those wild dreams into your brand's signature reality. Let's create something extraordinary together.

Starting From 100 Boxes
Competitive Pricing
Custom Design, Sizes & Style
High Quality Offset Printing
Fast Turnaround 8-10 Business Days
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Big Impact, Budget Friendly: Get the Custom Boxes Your Brand Deserves

Your box isn't just a box... it's an experience YOUR customers crave. Discover the ‘talk of the town’ custom shipping boxes that are in trend. Choose from our ‘best-selling’ products and see if your business matches what we have.

Ready To Level Up Your Packaging Game? Let's Do This!

Picture the social buzz, the happy customer reviews, and the sales boost. That's the future we want for you. Chat with our packaging experts to get an INSTANT FREE QUOTE!

See How oCustomBoxes is Transforming 1000s of Businesses Worldwide

Still not convinced? Not a problem. Watch how we’re transforming businesses. Dive into the world of top-notch, budget-friendly custom printed boxes and see why we're the box that everyone wants to tick!

Your Custom Box Journey Starts Here With 4 Steps (It's Easier Than You Think)


Explore & Imagine

Browse our options, and get those creative juices flowing. Need inspiration? We're here to help!


Get Your Quote

It's fast, free, and puts you in the driver's seat.


Seal the Deal

Finalize those perfect box details, and give us the green light.


Magic Time!

We get to work, crafting your custom packaging dreams into reality.

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From Bland to Brand: The Custom Boxes Revolution!

Wave goodbye to ‘meh’ custom packaging boxes and hello to a world where your brand screams "look at me!" with oCustomBoxes. We're not just changing the game; we're rewriting the rules of custom shipping boxes. Buckle up, because we're on a mission to make your brand unforgettable. Let's create custom printed boxes that are as bold and vibrant as you are. This is your moment. Own it with oCustomBoxes!

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Do you want to take your custom boxes with logo up a notch? Hear from business owners who made the smart decision to work with us… because we’re all about customer satisfaction.

Start Your Packaging Revolution Today!
Alexa Rodriguez
Alexa Rodriguez

I run a small boutique selling handmade soaps, and let's just say, the market's tough. Enter oCustomBoxes, and suddenly, I'm not just another soap seller; I'm THE soap seller. Their genius packaging solutions turned my products from simple to stunning. It's like every box tells a story, and people are loving it. Sales? Skyrocketed. Brand recognition? Through the roof. Jude and his team didn't just give me boxes; they gave me a brand identity. If you're on the fence, take the leap. oCustomBoxes isn't just a game changer; they're the whole new league..

Marcus Li
Marcus Li

If you think your product is just 'fine' and that's enough, you haven't met the wizards at oCustomBoxes. I was in that boat, thinking my homemade jams were destined for mediocrity. Then, these magicians waved their wands, and suddenly, my jams are flying off the shelves. The transformation was unreal – from the packaging to the presentation, everything got a major upgrade. It's not just about looking good; it's about capturing the essence of your brand. Miss out on them, and you're truly missing out on greatness..

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Do Visuals Fascinate You? See Our Custom Packaging Designs

Dive into our world of epic packaging projects! We've teamed up with businesses, big and small, to make their products pop and messages roar. From picking the perfect materials to nailing the design, we're all about turning your vision into something tangible and totally unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're curious about the ins and outs of our process, this section will help. It's designed to cover all the basics, offering clear insights and answers. Can't find the information you need? No problem at all!

Feel free to reach out to us directly. You can get in touch through live chat, submit your questions via our online forms, or for immediate assistance, call us at +1 347 321 8224 to chat with one of our custom box packaging specialists today. We're here to ensure your experience is as smooth and straightforward as possible. You can also email us at

We're not your average box makers. At oCustomBoxes, we're all about dialing up the wow factor for your brand. Imagine packaging that not only protects but also promotes, turning every unboxing into a share-worthy event. We dive deep into what makes your brand unique and splash it all over your custom shipping boxes. It's more than just packaging; it's your brand's front door.

That's our specialty. We believe every product deserves a grand entrance. With us, your packaging will scream "I'm here!" loud and proud. From bold colors to textures that beg to be touched, we tailor every detail to make sure your package stands out in a sea of bland boxes. It's not just a box; it's a statement.

Absolutely. Whether you're slinging skincare, brewing the best coffee, or anything in between, we've got the perfect packaging solution for you. Don't see your industry listed? No problem. Challenge accepted. We're here to craft custom magic that speaks directly to your unique vibe and vision.

YJust reach out. We're all about transparency and speed. With a few clicks, you'll get a free, no-strings-attached quote that respects your budget and your dreams. Our goal is to give you the best without breaking the bank. And if the numbers look good to you, we're on track to creating something amazing together.

We're all ears and always here. Whether you prefer to ping us on live chat, drop us a line via our online forms, or give us a call for that immediate, human touch, we're ready to listen and assist. It's not just about answering your questions; it's about building a relationship. We're passionate about making your custom packaging journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible, ensuring you feel supported and excited at every turn.

We get it, and we're on it. Our team works like clockwork to ensure your custom packaging arrives at your doorstep in 8-10 business days. In a rush? Let's talk expedited shipping. We move mountains to meet your deadlines, ensuring your launch or restock goes off without a hitch. It's not just about being fast; it's about being on time, every time.

We hear you. With oCustomBoxes, there's no need to commit to a warehouse full of boxes before you're ready. Our minimum order starts at just 100 boxes, making it easier for startups and small businesses to get in on the action without the hefty upfront investment. It's our way of saying, "We believe in your dream," providing you the flexibility to grow at your own pace.

That's what we live for. From the initial brainstorming session to the final unveiling of your custom boxes, we're with you every step of the way. Your vision is our blueprint. Choose your box's shape, color, texture, and size, and let us do the rest. We handle the nitty-gritty, transforming your ideas into tangible, touchable realities that speak volumes about your brand.

No sweat. Our expedited shipping option is the superhero you need, swooping in to save the day when time is of the essence. We understand that sometimes, despite the best-laid plans, you need things yesterday. Let us know when you're up against a tight deadline, and we'll shift gears to get your custom packaging to you, pronto.

Dive into our Instagram @oCustomBoxes for a feast of visual inspiration. It's a vibrant showcase of the creativity and diversity we bring to the table. From sleek, minimalist designs to bold, patterned creations, our feed is a testament to the endless possibilities of custom packaging. It's not just about flaunting our work; it's about sparking ideas and excitement for what we can achieve together.

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